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Here are a few of our favorite tunes from each decade.

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Bonus Track!

Here’s a deep cut you won’t find in our iTunes compilations or in our permanent collection below.

“Furnace Calypso” is (in my opinion) the standout track of the ultra-rare and uncredited 1964 GE air conditioning & heating show “Pattern For Success.” The Trinidad singer has somehow ended up in miserably cold Alaska, but thanks to the GE furnace line her “blue days” are now “heavenly BTU days.” I challenge you to find another calypso tune with “cast iron heat exchanger” in the lyrics!

industrialmusicals · Furnace Calypso



The 1950s

The 1950s

“I’ve Got a Wide Range of Features”

by John McGee
1956 GE appliance show “It’s a Great New Line!”

“Once in a Lifetime”

composer unknown
1958 Edsel dealer announcement show “Once in a Lifetime”

“Golden Harvest”

by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock
1959 Ford Tractor show “Ford-i-fy Your Future”

“Don’t Let a Be-Back Get Away”

by Luther Henderson with vocal by Florence Henderson
1959 Oldsmobile show “Good News About Olds”

The 1960s

The 1960s

“Monroe Man”

by Sonny Kippe, Joe Lapidos, and Glenn Moore
1969 Monroe Calculator show “It’s a Brand New Ball Game”

“Hot Seat”

by Wilson Stone
1961 Coca-Cola bottlers show “The Grip of Leadership”

“He’s a Penney Man”

by Michael Brown
1966 JC Penney show “Spirit of 66”

“We Were There”

by Hank Beebe and Bill Heyer
1966 Detroit Diesel show “Diesel Dazzle”

“PDM (Power Distribution Management) Can Do”

by John Kander, Fred Ebb, and Walter Marks
1966 General Electric show “Go Fly a Kite”

“My Bathroom”

by Sid Siegel
1969 American-Standard show “The Bathrooms Are Coming”

The 1970s and Beyond

The 1970s and Beyond

“Three Days in Eight Minutes”

by Kevin Gavin and Ken Peters
1979 Westinghouse ASD show “’79 Fever”

“Sales Training”

composer unknown
1972 York air conditioner show “All in the York Family”

“Tires to Sell”

by Elliott Delman, James Tullio, David Kravitz, and Joan Beugen
1979 B.F. Goodrich show “The Great Life”

“An Exxon Dealer’s Wife”

by Ted Simons and John Allen
1979 Exxon show “Put Yourself in Their Shoes”